Paid AI Internship @ the Innovation Dock in Rotterdam!

Job description

Are you interested in maintaining your status quo in the realm of deep learning? Are you creative and seeking freedom in terms of how you work?


Based out of the Innovation Dock in Rotterdam, Mavisoft is a young team of experts handpicked from 8 different countries. We’re passionate about AI, with a mission to offer the cutting edge in Machine Vision Solutions. As a Machine Vision Research Engineer, you will be working with the latest software and hardware platforms to apply unique solutions to various industries.


We are currently offering paid internships as well as part and full-time positions. In addition, you gain priceless connections with other industry leading companies here at the Innovation Dock, not to mention the companies we will be serving.


Your tasks will consist of:

  • Designing, implementing and deploying full-stack machine vision solutions for companies located in the Port of Rotterdam. This will also enable you to create a network within this growing market

  • Investigating and solving exciting and difficult challenges in image recognition, classification and deep learning

  • Researching and developing scalable machine vision and machine learning solutions

The vast majority of the work will be done in Python. Ability to do front-end work with JavaScript for data visualization is a huge plus! In short:


You are going to love working with us because:

  • You will be integrated into the Innovation Dock and RDM MakerSpace, the ultimate playground for pioneers

  • You will be working closely and have the opportunity to learn from software and hardware specialists

  • You will also be working hands on with companies around The Port of Rotterdam and creating a priceless network within the growing industry

  • Business trips to conferences such as the Nvidia GPU Tech Conference

  • You will be in direct contact and have the opportunity to create relationships with our technical advisers from CaptainAI and other leading companies from the Innovation Dock

  • You will become familiar and have direct connections to leading platforms in WebRTC and vision learning


What we expect from you:


  • You are currently studying or have a degree in computer science

  • You are familiar with at least one deep learning library

  • You can read and understand research papers

  • You are competent in programming Python with TensorFlow

  • Experience in working on embedded platforms (such as Nvidia Jetson, Raspberry Pi, etc) is a plus

In terms of timespan, our contracts range from short to long term.


For more information, feel free to email us at or call +31 6 46 56 37 35.